Youth Sunday Resources

Youth Sunday Resources

Everything you need to prepare for an amazing Youth Sunday!


  • Call to Worship: Colin Green
  • Prayer of Confession: Miles Smith 
  • Assurance of God’s Faithfulness: Hunter Smith
  • Prayer of the People: Griffin Gaedke
  • Lord’s Prayer: Michael Perez
  • Introduction to Offering: Cindy Mapes
  • Prayer for offering: Landry Williamson
  • Children’s Message: Kendyl Mapes and Allison Dowe
  • Moment for Mission:  Karl Lincoln and Students (Matt Hakim, Parker Mapes, Zach Sprague, Addison Warns)
  • Scripture Reading: Matthew 16:24-26 – Matthew Hakim
  • Apostle’s Creed: Sarah Hakim
  • Sermons: Follow the Leader Sermon support articlesYouth Sunday 2018 Talk Guidelines
    • GIVE UP: Grant Green
    • TAKE UP:  Abby Redin
    • FOLLOW: Steve Resendez
  • Charge: Dylan Hager
  • Benediction: Hunter Smith

Liturgies and Prayers:  YS 2018 Liturgy Lines

Moment for Mission:  Youth Mission Trips – Karl Lincoln and Matt Hakim, Parker Mapes, Zach Sprague, and Addison Warns

Baptismal Font: Cindy Mapes and Tate Schwab

Ushers and Greeters: Lead by Braden Warns (We need 6-8 students)


  • Sound board Operator: Daniel Wrzesinski
  • PowerPoint Video – Justin Baca & Dylan Hager
  • Picture Video (I have decided to follow Jesus) – Justin Baca
  • Video: (Wherever He Leads) – Kendyl Mapes
  • Theme Video: KENDYL MAPES

FOOD: Who’s Hungry?

  • After church rehearsals: Sandwich lunch.
  • Dress Rehearsal: Provided by Toni Hakim.  Contact her if you want to help.
  • Youth Sunday Breakfast:  Coordinated by Diane Redin. Sign up to bring something on Sign-up Genius.

SKIT: I’ll Like Follow You (script)

  • Stephanie: Kendyl Mapes
  • Valerie: Kaela Williamson
  • Tiffany: Allison Dowe
  • Directed by Cindy Mapes

SKIT: Richie and Zach: (script)

  • Rich Young Ruler: Clohie Warns
  • Zach:  Cienna Ytuarte
  • Directed by Kayla Hix

Puppet Show:
Puppeteers:  Avery Covin, Colin Green, Grant Green, Mason Hix, Oaklee Hix, Parker Mapes, Lucy Reiss, Miles Smith, Will Tapley.  1-2 More Needed.

  1. 2018 Youth Sunday Puppet show

Singers: Griffin Gaedke, Oaklee Hix, Abby Redin, Lucy Reiss, Cienna Ytuarte and others

  1. I Have Decided
  2. Build My Life
  3. Jude Doxology
  4. Hymn 1: Our God

T-shirts will be a $10 donation.