SPY Sunday Morning

SPY Sunday Morning

FAL 2020: Due to current COVID-19 Conditions we are offering an online Sunday School option for our students from from 9-10am.


Here is the Zoom Class info: SPY Sunday School 
Zoom Meeting link:https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89388684103?pwd=dHVub0pPNnh4YzZnd0VlK3NianQwdz09
Meeting ID: 893 8868 4103, Passcode: SPYSunday

10/25/2020 – Called by Name
Thesis: Jesus called a variety of people to follow him, even you.
Bible Passages – Luke 6:13-16, 8:2-3

11/1 – Called to Care
Thesis: We are called to care for others.
Bible Passage – Luke 6:1-11

11/8 – Called and rejected
Thesis: We can choose to follow or reject Jesus
Bible Passage: Luke 4:16-30

11/15 – Called to Catch
Thesis: We are called to help bring people to Jesus.
Bible Passage: Luke 5:1-11

11/22 – Called to touch lives
Thesis: We are called to touch lives for Jesus
Bible Passage: Luke 5:12-16