2017 SPY Mission to Taos, NM

2017 SPY Mission to Taos, NM

Our 2017 Summer Misison Trip was amazing!

June 2017 we took 22 youth and 9 adults and traveled over 15 hours to Taos, New Mexico to show the love of Christ. On our mission trip we led a Vacation Bible School for First Presbyterian Church along with a variety of work projects at the church and Loma Verde Camp. We played with kids and taught them stories from the Bible.  We also cleaned window, washed walls, weeded, cleared trails, and so much more.

We also had a lot of fun together, building shared experiences that we will never forget.  We explored downtown Taos, were given a guided tour of the Taos Pueblos, and went white water rafting.  On our way home we went to the Flying Saucer McDonald’s in Roswell (which looked more impressive on the internet then in real life).  We also explored the Carlsbad Caverns, which truly was impressive) before heading home.  It was all an incredible adventure.

Here are some thoughts about our trip from students and adults alike.

This week I discovered that no matter what, you should always strive to be an example for others. We were making a difference for the people at camp Loma Verde and first Presbyterian which inspires me to try and be an example for the rest of my family at home.

I loved being able to teach the little kids how to follow God. I learned that love is not just having a passion for something, and I should act more in the way of how God teaches us.

My favorite part of the trip was seeing the faces of the kids when we do something at VBS. God has taught me that we need to always to show people his word. I will start talking about God in public places and not try to hide it.

God sent me on this trip to help a church put on a VBS, and taught me that people learn by our example.  You cannot love just yourself. This trip taught me that if you work hard you will learn something you never knew before

God taught me about being an example in speech like when Daniel prayed to find out about the dream and found out but never told anyone it made me realize sometimes you don’t need to say anything. After this trip I will try to be more of an example at home for speech and love to inspire and teach my little sister.

Although we can’t always be an example in the way God wants us to, it is easy to be an example in little ways day by day. Hopefully people who witnessed myself and the rest of our group serving First Presbyterian and Camp Loma Verde will be inspired by our actions and consider serving others and God themselves. This week I strived  to be nice to others in my speech and actions, and in that way I was an example to the kids at VBS and other SPY kids. Now I will try to remember that I am always serving as an example of God’s people, and I can choose whether I will be a bad one or a good one.

On the mission trip God taught me to live like he would. This was done through spreading the word of God to the VNS kids and my friends. I hope to always live as a example of god.

I enjoyed being around the kids at vbs while in Taos. I discovered that you don’t have to be a “church person” to be faithful to God. I won’t stay hung up on the things that aren’t in my favor.

My favorite moment of the trip was watching how much the creek area changed after everything was taken down. God has taught me that even though I may not like the way my peers are acting, all that matters is what I did has impacted lives. God has used me as an example on this trip to others by letting me help and do what’s right. This trip will shape me at home by me making smarter choices and not letting what people do get to me.

As part of our time at Lome Verde, I heloed make a sign of dedication for San Pedro Youth. I loved when we got to show off our sign. God  used me to help others when  they needed it and taught me that even though it can be hard being an example it’s always going to leave an impression. This week will help me make an example to my brothers.

God has taught me to be an example to everyone all the time in all that i do.  I am to trust in God and to put all my faith in him. This is done when I show everyone how God wants us all to be, so others may follow and do the same for others. To live more in God and the way he wants us all to live. He wants us to be an example to everyone and show them what God is like, so they may also know him.

VBS, was my favorite moment. I learned that it’s not bad to talk about God to other people

My favorite moment was getting into the super cold creek with my tennis shoes instead of water shoes & pulling rocks from the bottom to make a dam. This week,God has taught me that being an example in every way is a very important aspect in character.  HE used me as an example by allowing me to introduce my boyfriend Brendan to our mission trips & our faith. This trip will shape me by helping me to watch my actions and words so i can be an example to everyone around me.

I really enjoyed helping the church with projects. I learned that we are to live the faith everyday, not just on Sundays. As  Proverbs 10:4 says, Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.

I really enjoyed the Evening devotion & games. God has taught me that there is always an opportunity to be an example to others because someone is always watching. We were examples of God when we taught the children at VBS. God is calling me to share the love God has given me with all those I come in contact with.

I can be in example in everything I do. God is always watching but so is the whole group. I need to think before I speak. Best to give kids short answers. My home life is affected in a positive way.  I will appreciate more  everything I have and be thankful  for my many hidden blessings.


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