Rockport Mission Trip

Rockport Mission Trip

What to bring: 

  • Water Bottle
  • Appropriate bathing suit (we will be going to the beach & a pool)
  • Closed toed shoes and socks
  • Clothes for 6 days on the job site (pants & Long sleeved shirts recommended)
  • Clothes for off the job site (6 days worth)
  • Hat & Sunglasses
  • Light Jacket, just in case
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks to share.
  • Sheets, pillow, blanket/sleeping bag. (cots will be provided)
  • Sun screen & Bug Spray
  • Toiletries (deodorant, toothpaste & tooth brush, soap, shampoo, etc)
  • Two (2) towels, wash cloth
  • Water Bottle
  • Work Gloves

If you have tools or equipment that you would like to bring, please check with Dave ahead of time.

Please do your best to pack all your things in 1 medium sized suitcase/duffel bag

 Spending Money:  You will need money for 4-5 meals out, snacks, and souvenirs. I would suggest around $50

 Do not bring: Laptops, gaming systems, drugs, weapons, no water bottle

 Lodging:  Peace Lutheran Church (1302 W Market St, Rockport, TX 78382)

Meals and work assignments: First Baptist Rockport (1515 N Live Oak St, Rockport, TX 78382)

Forms Needed:


  • We will be working in sites that we require you to be vigilant for your own safety and the safety of others. So be always aware of what you are doing, and those around you. Listen to the adults, and respect what they tell you to do. They are looking out for the best interest of others.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • If you do not understand, ask questions.
  • Drink plenty of water

What to wear: Pants, long sleeved shirts, closed toed shoes,

What to bring: work gloves, dust mask, water bottle.

Participation Policy:

Please understand that when in attending this event, you are committing to be a part of the San Pedro Presbyterian team. You represent Jesus, SPPC, SPY, your family, and yourself.  Be an example in how you act and what you say. Participation with the group is expected at all times. If you have any questions and concerns, raise them to Dave Reiss, or another adult leader at an appropriate time.

Behavior Policy: When attending San Pedro Youth events we represent San Pedro Presbyterian Church, and Jesus Christ to those that we come in contact with. That is why we ask that our students abide by following…

No possession or use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco
No fighting, fireworks, weapons, lighters, pocket knives
No offensive or immodest clothing
Participation with the group is expected at all times
Respect all of the leaders in charge
No foul language/jokes or coarse talk
Respect property, one another, and comply with event schedules

 Cell Phones: When participating in SPY events we ask that you use cell phones as minimally as possible.  We ask this in order to build community with those around us, and avoid distractions from what God or others may be teaching us.

No cell phone usage during worship, spiritual lessons, camp programs, church services or quiet time.
While on service project and mission trip work sites, phones can only be used as cameras, and only when appropriate. Please no talking, texting, or posting photos to social media during this time.
During travel time and free time phones may be used, but only briefly, please make the most of the opportunity to interact with those around you.
To help maintain privacy and avoid impropriety, phones can only be used as music devices in sleeping rooms, not for phone calls, cameras, texting, or social media.
If an adult asks you to put the phone away, do so immediately and without complaint. If the phone become a continual distraction, it will be taken away, and returned to your parent.
You are responsible for your phone if it gets lost, stolen, or broken.

 Bathing Suit Policy: When students are participating in SPY events that require bathing suits, we are asking that you follow the following calls to modesty.

Girls: We are asking all girls to wear a swimsuit that covers their stomach while at youth events. This includes one piece bathing suits, tankinis, or a two piece suit with a t-shirt cover-up.

Guys: We are asking all guys to wear a bathing suit that extends past their fingertips when their arms are at their side.

This call to modesty is because… 1. It creates a safer environment, where fashion and figure do not need to define us. 2. It helps block lustful eyes and helps not objectify those of another gender.

Basic Schedule: (subject to change)

 Sunday (6/24)
9:30am – Arrive/load vehicles
11:00 – Commissioning service
12:30 – Lunch at Whataburger
1:30pm – on the road
5pm – Arrive at Peace Lutheran
6pm – Dinner
7:00 – Evening Gathering
10:30 – Lights Out

Monday – Friday
7am – Leave for 1st Baptist
Lunch at worksites or 1st Baptist
4pm – Return to Peace Lutheran
6pm – Dinner at 1st Baptist
7:00 Evening Activity
8:30 Evening Gathering
10:30 – Lights out

Saturday (6/30)
Worksites 9-2pm
2:30 Return to Peace Lutheran clean and pack
4pm – Head home
8pm Arrive at home.

Evening Activities:

  • Monday: Beach Night
  • Tuesday: Phot scavenger Hunt
  • Wednesday: Movie Night (Incredibles 2 or Jurassic World 2)
  • Thursday: Game Night (Possible morning boat tour)
  • Friday: Pool Party