December 2015: A Christmas Eve Testimonial

It’s Advent, and the Children’s Ministry is buzzing with excitement! Last month, we had a blast at our first ever Drive-In Movie Night. It was so fun to watch a good movie with friends, old & new, out under the stars. A couple of weeks later, the young families of San Pedro gathered in the Fellowship Hall for our annual Advent Adventure. This was a special time of fellowship for everyone, and the children loved the activities, music, and sharing time. What a great way for the children of our church to prepare their hearts and minds for the coming birth of Jesus!

This month, we are also preparing for the Christmas Eve play, which will be performed in the 5:00 family service on Christmas Eve. Additionally, the Children’s Choir will be singing with the Chancel Choir during services on December 20. Don’t miss these wonderful times to worship the Lord together with your children!

Personally, Christmas Eve is a time for me to commemorate my decision to follow Jesus. At age 11, I committed my life to Christ in the candlelight service on Christmas Eve at the church of my youth (First Presbyterian Church of Roseville, CA). I can’t believe that was 28 years ago. Parents, Christmas is an especially good time to talk with your kids about what they know and believe about the Lord. Ask them about the birth of Christ for even just a minute and they will eagerly tell you everything they know! Pray for their hearts to be tender to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, and give them room to share their faith with you. You never know when that special moment will come when your child will say, “I want to pray to have Jesus in my heart!” Pray that God will give you an opportunity to talk about these things with your children.

I am excited to see how God is at work in our Children’s Ministry. I pray you all have a beautiful and meaningful Advent season, with much love.