August 2016: Praying for Your Kids’ New School Year

I know we’re all enjoying our last few weeks of summer, but the start of school is fast approaching. I always feel equal parts excited and apprehensive when a new school year begins, how about you? I am happy to get back to the normal routine, yet I feel a sense of loss when my kids get on that bus. The school year propels time forward so much more quickly; gone is the pause of summer. My prayers for my kids definitely increase and grow more urgent, that’s for sure. This year I have a 5th grade daughter, a 4th grade son, and a son starting Kindergarten!

One of my favorite verses to pray over my kids is Psalm 139:5You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me. I love this imagery: God goes before our children, leading them. He walks behind them, looking over them. And he comes alongside them, ever-present, like a friend. I imagine God’s hand on Lucy’s back, or his arm around Eli’s shoulder. I envision him holding Joel’s hand as he enters the school halls without me. This verse is for them, and it is also for me, as I am reminded with each new school year that our kids belong to the Lord, who fully surrounds them with his love.

If you spend a minute searching “Back to School Prayer” on Pinterest or Google, you’ll find a wealth of resources and ideas in praying for your kids. I recommend 30 Days of Prayer for Your Child’s New School Year on I also love this prayer for our children as found on

I am praying for all of you as we transition from summer to another school year. May you and your family richly know God’s surrounding presence in your day to day lives as you move forward.