True Happiness

True Happiness


By Dave Reiss

How happy are those whose way is blameless, who walk according to the Lord’s instruction! (Psalm 119:1)

I recently heard an interview with Derwin Gray* where he said that Jesus was the happiest person to ever live. Sometimes it is hard to imagine that, because we think of Jesus as stuffy, serious and holy. For those of us that have been watching The Chosen series we are given a glimpse of a Jesus that embodies true happiness. The portrayal of Jesus in that series fills my heart with joy every time he is on the screen. He jokes with his disciples, cares for people in need, and even loves those who oppose him. 

We have a false understanding of happiness.  We think that joy in life is found by having. If we have the right stuff, have the right job, have the right relationship, then we are content. But we all know in our hearts, that this is not true.  No matter what we have, we never have true happiness.

Psalm 119:1 it tells us that true happiness does not come from having, but from following. Happy are those who walk according to the Lord’s instruction. God designed us to discover happiness through following God. Jesus showed us happiness by living a blameless life.  He modeled for us God’s desire for us.  God wants us to be happy, not by having but by following.

 Additionally, happiness is found in following, not doing.  It is not about doing the instructions, obeying the rules, and making right choices in order to be happy. It is about following the way of Jesus who leads us into the way of true joy.

*Derwin Gray was a former NLF player and now pastor of a church in South Carolina. For those who have gone through confirmations, you may also know him as the Evangelism Linebacker

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