The Good Place Discussions

The Good Place Discussions

The Good Place is a comedy from NBC about the afterlife, staring Ted Danson and Kristin Bell. Seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix.


  • This is not a Christian show. It is designed as entertainment for people and marketing for networks
  • It contains “foul” language, where explicit words are exchanged to bypass censors and for comedic intent.
  • It discusses the afterlife that does not reflect that of Christianity (in fact it claims that Christian perspective is only 5% correct).
  • This is a comedy. It is OK to laugh. It’s also OK to laugh.
  • The purpose of watching and discussing this show is to discover God’s truths that are found in our world and in our stories. When we watch TV we should be looking for God in the stories.

Here are lessons that I, Dave Reiss, created from the first four episodes.

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