Serving Others

Serving Others

in a time of social distance.

We are working on ideas that can help you care for the needs of others during this time of quarantine and social distance. We will continue to update this page with ideas and processes for showing Christ’s love in the midst of COVID-19

CAM: Christian Assistance Ministry

CAM has decided to keep its doors open to serve those less fortunate in the San Antonio community. We’ve prayed hard about this, and we believe God has provided CAM with the tools needed to help those in need, those who have nothing and are left scared and hungry amongst the sadness happening right now.

The main items CAM is asking for are hygiene kits, toilet paper packs and masks

  • Hygiene Kits include (travel size items) Deodorant, Comb/Brush, Soap, Shampoo, Razor, Toothpaste & Toothbrush.
  • Toilet Paper Packs include approx. 20 sheets in a zip lock bag. (Wrap some toilet paper around your hand 6-7 times)
  • Masks: Scroll down and find information on mask construction.

Donations can be dropped off at The Casbeer’s  (1306 Canyon Parke Drive, SA 78232) or The Redin’s (3614 Pinyon Pine, SA 78261). 


The medical community (doctors, nurses, technicians, hospitals) are expecting a possible severe shortage of equipment needed to fight the corona virus that causes COVID-19. WE are recruiting people to assemble masks so that Dr. Alex Fenton can distribute them to places in need.

Joann Fabric has created a how-to video on how to make these masks.

How does one make a face mask? Check out the instruction on the Joann Fabric website.

We are working on a system to collect face masks, and will update this page as soon as we have it organized.


April is Child Abuse Awareness Month, and I can image that our current state of self-shelter can only exasperate situations. Join with us in creating a Cardboard Kids and help raise awareness to those in at risk situations.

We have thirty kids at and Dave Reiss will deliver one to you. Here is what you need to do.

  • Email Dave (dave@sppcsa) with your name and address, and any information needed to get into your neighborhood, and any specific information needed for delivering your cardboard kid.
  • Once he has a significant amount of kids reserved he will send out an e-mail letting you know roughly when your kid will be delivered.
  • He will leave it on your home, remaining at an appropriate social distance.
  • While waiting, visit to learn more about how to recognize and prevent child abuse.
  • Create your Cardboard and take a photo of it. Send the photo to Dave Reiss ( and he will add it to our church Facebook page.
  • When given the “all clear” bring your kid to church and we will display them around our facility.

Here are some photos of last year’s Cardboard Kids


St. Stephen’s Care Center is a food pantry operated by Catholic Charities, which works closely with Mobile Loaves and Fishes, has been deemed an “essential service” for food assistance. They are in need of volunteers to help sort and bag groceries that are distributed to clients in a “drive through” fashion. 

They could use 4-5 people Monday – Friday between 9am – 3pm. 
If interested in volunteering contact Julie Mellin at one of the following email addresses:,, and (it might be best co send one e-mail to all three addresses)

The e-mail should include the following information:
1.  The day you can help
2.  Morning shift 9am – noon or afternoon shift noon – 3pm.
3.  Your phone number in case there is a last minute change.

Of course, if you are in the “at risk” group, please disregard this request.  Please feel no pressure to help but in all cases we ask for your prayers for our community in need.

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