You Are Mine!

YOU ARE MINE by Dave Reiss I have a flannel shirt hanging in my closet that is mine. I haven’t worn it for awhile, but it is mine. No matter what my brother or sister say, it is mine. It has been in my possession for over twenty years, so by common law it is […]


Obvious Sins, Obvious good deeds. Scripture: 1 Timothy 5: 24-25, Matthew 6: 1-4, James 2:14-16, 1 Timothy 4: 12b Activity:  PowerPoint:  Optical Illusions:  Simply go through this PowerPoint (1 Timothy 5: 24-25 Lesson PowerPoint) and discuss the optical illusions. Ask: Which ones seemed obvious, and which ones were confusing or tricky. NOTE:  This PowerPoint contains the entire […]