Vaccination Conversation

Vaccination Conversation

Vaccination Conversation

As the COVID 19 vaccine becomes more readily available, some are uncertain if they should take it. A quick search of the internet can provide a person with more questions than answers. Sometimes a conversation with someone you can trust goes a long way. Dave Reiss talks with Dr. Renee Matos about the vaccine, and address questions and concerns of others.

Renee Matos has been a member of San Pedro Presbyterian for over seven years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she has been the lead editor for 7 editions of the DoD COVID-19 Practice Management Guide, which was had over 150 contributors and continues to be used globally to guide bedside clinicians and commanders across all military services. Read her bio further down,

About Renee Matos: Lieutenant Colonel Renée I. Matos, MD, MPH, FAAP, FCCM is the Assistant Dean of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety at the San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium (SAUSHEC), where she oversees quality improvement and patient safety for 37 GME training programs with 600 residents and fellows. She is also a pediatric intensivist, the Pediatric Critical Care Consultant to the Air Force Surgeon General, and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Uniformed Services University. She has served on multiple national committees and was a previous chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Medical Students, Residents and Fellowship Trainees. Her interests include resuscitation, quality improvement, patient safety, critical care air transport, and graduate medical education. She has 16 peer-reviewed publications, 3 book chapters, multiple local and national presentations, has developed 2 courses, and been the course director for 3 courses.


Dr. Alex Fenton, SPPC Member and part of our COVID Task Force, has suggested a few articles to read.

CDC Info on each USA-available COVID-19: vaccine

Current CDC ACIP COVID-19 vaccine recommendations: (12/20/2020)

CDC FAQ COVID-19 vaccination questions:

CDC Myths and Facts about COVID-19: (updated 02/03/2021)

San Antonio Vaccines Info, including FAQ, Myths:
NOTE: The San Antonio website may not be updated as often as the CDC sites, and such items in the San Antonio website such as “Where can I go get a vaccine?”, “Vaccine Safety”, etc. may be misleading if they become outdated.


Please note: COVID-19 vaccine science is a rapidly changing field, and official recommendations are expected to be updated as the medical knowledge base continues to grow and evolve. The websites below are guaranteed up-to-date as of 02-09-2021, but may be updated and changed by the CDC and San Antonio in the future. To be sure you are staying current with the latest official information and recommendations, please visit COVID-19 Vaccination | CDC and Vaccination for COVID-19 – City of San Antonio

The decision to take or refrain from the COVID vaccine is a personal choice and should be discussed with your personal doctor. At San Pedro Presbyterian, we want to provide you with information that can aide in your decision process.