The Parlor Class

The Parlor Class

The Parlor class is a Sunday School group that gathers weekly to watch and discuss video series that are relevant to our Christian faith.


This group is currently meeting weekly on Zoom.
The following Zoom link will remain active through Easter Sunday, April 4th.
Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 893 7023 4085, Passcode: 123458


Videos are accessed through Right Now Media
Right Now Media at
Username –
Password – Reebok2019
Church – Westminster Presbyterian

The Gospel of John

This class will starts at 9:30am

Kenny Boles (retired New Testament faculty at Ozark Christian College) will walk through the eyewitness of John chapter by chapter.

Class Schedule & Themes

  • February 7th, John Chapter 1
  • February 14th, John Chapter 2 & 3
  • February 21st, John Chapter 4 & 5

An 8-Day Revolution

This class will start at 9am

This series examines Jesus’ final days. A handful of scriptural snapshots reveal to us Jesus’ revolutionary actions and teachings as He willingly embraces His trajectory to the cross.

Class Schedule & Themes

  • February 28th – Welcomes Death
  • March 7th – Undermines Establishment
  • March 14th – Cleans House
  • March 21st – Answers to No One
  • March 28th – Redefines Religion
  • April 4th – Opens Paradise

Reopening Christianity

Class Start time TBD

Before a global pandemic had swept our nation and world, our collective witness of Jesus to others was at best a shadow of what it ought to have been. Sadly, the people we are trying to reach sometimes characterize us as the exact opposite of the One that we are pursuing after. How could this be? Jesus is known for grace, good works, unity, and love. His followers have been known for judgment, hypocrisy, division, and hatred. We didn’t miss the mark by a little bit. We completely misfired.

Class Schedule and Themes

  • April 18th – Am I moving forward or backward?
  • April 25th – Am I a consumer or contributor?
  • May 2nd – Am I playing offense or defense?
  • May 9th – Am I known for what I am for or what I am against?
  • May 16th – Am I willing to follow Jesus my Lord?