Midweek Missions

Midweek Missions


Did you know that there are people all over the world that do not have a decent pair of shoes?  There are a variety of health issues that arise when you don’t have quality shoes.  And in many parts of the world a child cannot go to school without decent pair. This Fall we will be joining with Soles4Souls (soles4souls.org) to serve the needs of others around the world. On the third Wednesday of the month we will be hosting a neighborhood shoe drive to collect gently warn shoes.

Informational Meeting: September 20
Learn about Soles4Souls and the impact shoes can have on people around the world.

Shoe Drive Week:

  • October 14 (Saturday): Barefoot Walk at McAllister Park
  • October 15 (Sunday): Shoe Bag Distribution: We will pass out bags in the neighborhood for people to donate shoes.
  • October 18 (Wednesday): Shoe Collection: We will drive through the neighborhood and collect the shoes people are donating.

Shoe Party: November 15
We will spend the night cleaning shoes, praying for those who will receive the shoes.

Shoe Packing Party: December 2o
We will pack all the shoes up so that we can send them to the Soles4Souls headquarters.