Creation and Evolution Lecture by Rudy Gaedke

Creation and Evolution Lecture by Rudy Gaedke

September 6, 2017

Lecture by Rudy Gaedke on Creation and Evolution.

assisted by Mark Tapley

Processing and Discussion Questions
For the lecture by Rudy Gaedke (featuring Mark Tapley).

Icebreaker Question:  What is something you created, and how long did it take you make it?

Discussion Questions:

What was the view of creation that you were taught as a child?

How has your view of creation evolved (pun intended) as you have gotten older?

What was your overall impression of the lecture?

  • What were some things you agreed with?
  • What were some things that you disagreed with?
  • What were some things that confused you?
  • What were some things that made sense?

Rudy states that holding on to the theory of a young earth gives us a false understanding of God and pulls people away from embracing the Gospel.  Do you agree or disagree?  Why?

Can we as Christians embrace both Creationism and Evolution while holding onto the authority of scripture?  Why or why not?

Watch the clip from NOAH (below). How does this video help visualize Creation and Evolution?

Rudy’s Question: “In this modern era of cosmology, evolution, and the human genome, is there still the possibility of a richly satisfying harmony between the scientific and spiritual world views? What view on the integration of science and religion did you have before” the lecture.  “How would you answer the question now?” (Taken primarily from THE LANGUAGE OF GOD by Francis S. Collins)

Mark’s Question:  Given everything we know about cosmology, astronomy, numerology, and science in general, how would you write the creation story in a way that makes sense to people living 4000 years ago.

What are some questions you would have asked if you could?  How do you think that Rudy or Mark may have answered the question?

Download a pdf of our CREATION AND EVOLUTION discussion Questions.

Join a discussion group: Choose a time and location that is right for you.

  •  Monday, September 11
    • 7pm at Charlotte Randolph’s home (contact Dave Reiss for her address)
  •  Wednesday September 13
    • 6pm at Café Milano (7530 Bandera Rd)
      with Mark and Beth Tapley
    • 6:30pm at the church (Parlor room)with
      Jonette Simpson & Leslie Anderson
    • 7pm at Panera (13025 San Pedro)
      with Barb Lincoln and Andrea Anthony

Here are the slides shown at the lecture.  Click on the image to view it larger.

Here is an interesting look Creation and Evolution from the movie Noah staring Russell Crowe