A Night with Markus

Dave Reiss talks with Markus Winters about growing up as a black man in Richmond Virginia, his spiritual journey, his experiences in the Air Force, and his reactions to our current racial climate in America.

A Night with Markus: MP3

BIO: Markus Griffin Winters was born on December 4, 1992 in Richmond, VA to Rev. David J. Winters and Dorothy Winters. He is one of seven children and has a twin brother currently residing in San Antonio, Tx. His earliest memories are that of worshipping Jesus Christ at Living Word Baptist Church with his family.
After graduating from high school, he attended Howard University and majored in Political Science. Upon leaving college, Markus enlisted in the United States Air Force and currently serves as an Executive Flight Aide to the Vice President of the United States, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, The First Lady of the United States, and the Chairman of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff. To date, he has visited 79 countries on 6 continents.