SPY Confirmation Program

Our Confirmation Program will resume in 2018

At San Pedro Presbyterian Church, we see the confirmation process as a rite of passage for students. A rite of passage marks a person’s transition from one part of life toward another. In many cultures, this is includes a time of training, followed by a time of testing. Often once passed, the person would advance into the next stage of society.

In Confirmation, students learn about the Triune God, His plan of Salvation, the Bible, the Presbyterian denomination, and more. Each class builds on top of the previous class in order to give them a solid foundation of their faith. Confirmation students memorize scripture, complete homework assignments, sermon notes, a devotional through the book of James, and write a statement of faith. During our retreat weekend we visit other worshiping congregations.

Each student is pared with an adult as their sponsor. This adults walks along side of them through the confirmation process, helps them with their memory work, and stands with them when they are presented to the congregation. These adults are here to love and serve our students and help them understand and practice the Christian faith.

At the end you will be invited to join San Pedro as members. While a person can become a member without taking this course, this program is designed to help you understand the Christian faith that you have been raised in.  The goal is for you take a more active role in your own personal faith development.  So remember, you will get out of this, what you put in.


If you would like to participate in our confirmation program, please contact Dave Reiss, Youth Director.