Wednesday Night Kids!

 Welcome back, WNKs!

We meet each Wednesday from 5:30-7!

Dear WNK Families, 

Welcome to a new year of Wednesday Night Kids! The WNK team is so excited to walk through the Bible with your child(ren) each week. As you may recall, last year, the WNKs began Route 66, a journey through all 66 books of the Bible. Our goal is for the kids to become familiar with their Bibles. Having a handle on what’s in the Bible gives children a greater understanding of who God is and how much He loves them. It also increases their confidence in using the Bible at home and in church services. We start with memorizing the 66 books of the Bible in order, but that is just the springboard. As we travel on Route 66, we recognize which books are Bible history, poetry, or law. We learn a big lesson from every book. The older kids even look up a scripture and highlight it in our classroom Bibles! We always want the kids to leave with the truth that God is FOR them and wants to be in relationship with all of us. This is the over-arching message of God’s word.

This year, we will quickly move into the prophets of the Old Testament, from the MAJORS (like Isaiah and Jeremiah) to the many MINORS (such as Micah and Zephaniah). You might be thinking to yourself, Really? You’re gonna do a lesson on Amos? On Obadiah? Who even knows or cares about the book of Obadiah? But I’ll tell you: there are important lessons to be learned from these minor prophets. We don’t want to skip over any of them. Traveling the arduous path of the Old Testament increases our understanding of why Jesus was sent to rescue us in the New Testament. And as you’ve come to expect, we’ll have a lot of fun in the process!

In addition to learning about our Bibles, the WNKs will have playground time and music instruction from Miss PJ, our Children’s Music Director. These experiences grow the kids in friendship with one another. Each week, we also provide a pizza dinner. Donations are welcome to help offset dinner costs (feeding a group of 15-20 people each week adds up!) Please consider a $3 donation per child each week. Donations for dinner are purely voluntary and always appreciated!

This year we are going to try something new with the dinners. In the past, I have provided a fruit “side dish” for the kids to go with their pizza. I am asking families to sign up and bring in the fruit for our dinners each week. Please plan on signing up for 1 or 2 Wednesdays this fall. Look for the sign up when you drop off your child(ren) at WNK! Thank you for helping Miss Dawn with this weekly task, and for keeping our kids well-fed with something healthy and tasty!

You can participate with our learning experiences each week by asking the kids about the book they studied, or the verse they highlighted. Memorize the books of the Bible with them and review them regularly! Being Bible literate is a great step toward spiritual maturity for ALL ages, us grownups included. Take advantage of it!

So excited about WNK this year! Thank you for all of your support!

Dawn Reiss, Director of Children’s Ministry and WNK, September 2017

Important Safety Announcement for WNK:

This a friendly reminder that Wednesday Night Kids starts at 5:30 pm each week. When it is not raining, drop-off is at the playground. Please do not drop your children off earlier than 5:30, as we are not sufficiently staffed at that time to keep everyone safe. It is also a wise idea to walk them to the playground to ensure their safety. We have about 20 kids in attendance each week and we want to make sure everyone will be cared for sufficiently! Thank you!


The Pre-K – 1st grade group create their own Jerichos out of bread, cream cheese, crackers & bugles 🙂

Wednesday Night Kids is a fun, high-energy opportunity for kids pre-k through 5th grade to meet for a time of fellowship, games, Bible teaching, and music. Dinner is provided (suggested $3 donation per child). WNK is led by Miss Dawn, Miss Meghan, Miss Kendyl, and Miss PJ, and we have a TON of fun each week! Lots of learning is happening and new friendships are being formed. Join us!

Wednesday Night Kids (WNK)!

5:30 – 7:00 pm every week

Located in the Arnold Building (various classrooms)

This year, the WNKs are in the process of memorizing the 66 books of the Bible, using games, music, and toys. They are also learning key stories from each of the 66 books. We don’t want our Bible to be a stranger to us. We want to know what’s in it and how to use it so we can grow closer to God and understand his love for us in a deeper way.

Recently, the kids learned an interesting story about Naaman’s leprosy being washed clean in 2 Kings. They reenacted this event by painting the leprosy on Naaman and washing him clean in the Jordan River seven times. He was healed by a miracle of God. “Behold, I will heal you!”



The kids had a blast dressing up like Samson (complete with long hair and big muscles) to break the two pillars, just like he did in Judges 16. 🙂

Parents, use these songs to help review the books of the Bible with your children: