Faithful and joyful giving.

We have various references in scripture on how, why and what we are to tithe and to entrust our financial blessings back to God. God promises that the floodgates of heaven will pour out immeasurable additional blessings and that we will not be able to store them (Malachi 3:10). We have this opportunity to “live” and “give” our faith as redeemed people, and in doing so entrust our resources back to the Lord. The biblical standard for tithing is 10 percent of our resources. See Hebrews 7:5-9 and Luke 18:12.

Here are just a few ways you can give from God’s bountiful providence.
Offering plate during worship services
Checks: Payable to San Pedro Presbyterian Church
Mail to: San Pedro Presbyterian Church
14900 San Pedro Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78232

Stewardship Season 2018 This year’s theme, ‘Change for Change’ directs our attention to the many ministries that our congregation supports, and are engaged in.  These ministries are changing lives, not only in our congregation, but in our community.  In order for these ministries to continue and to grow, we need your support.  If you currently pledge, please consider increasing your offering.  If you do not currently pledge, please consider so doing.  We pray that as you reflect on the love shown by the Lord in your own life, you are inspired to share that love with others by making a pledge to SPPC.

Download the 2018 pledge form here.

It is a blessing to partner with you in witnessing how the Lord will bless us as a church as he does each of you individually through your faithful giving. “God loves a cheerful giver.” May your giving be a continued rededication to your service to God.