Small Groups

Sermon Based Small Grops

At San  Pedro Presbyterian we invite you to join one of our adult small groups. Groups gather together to build community through cultivating friendships and studying God’s word. We have chosen to embrace sermon based small groups, which means our groups study the same passage that the pastor has recently preached on. They will dive deeper into the passage, and look for ways to practically apply it to our lives.

Small groups are a place for adults to grow together in faith and friendship though intentional, regular gatherings in order to encourage each other to live out our faith in practical ways.

Current Small Group Series:

Enduring Hope/ You’ll Get Through This

Has life sucker punched your faith? Have you wondered why God would allow you to go through difficult situations?  Have asked how can God the mess your in for good? Joseph was hated by his brothers, sold into slavery, falsely accused and sent to prison, abandoned and alone.  In the midst of all that, God was with him. And God is with you too.

While our pastors will be preaching on the life of Joseph for our Enduring Hope sermon series, our small groups will be going through a six week series from Max Lucado’s book You’ll Get Through This on the same topic.

You are invited to join one our amazing small groups.

Our groups are open to church members and non-members. They are a great way to build community in our church and share God’s love with others.

Tuesday Mornings

  • 10:00 at the church (Parlor). Lead by Kay Kelly (

Wednesday Nights

  • 5:45 at the church (Parlor). Lead by Shelly Buschfort (
  • 6:30 at the Blankenhorns (26107 Turquoise Sky). Lead by Dan Blankenhorn and Jann Rouille ( (
  • 7:00 at the Browns (13426 Rock Hampton). Lead by Barb Lincoln (
  • 8:00 Young Adults at the Valdez’s (15103 Elkton Drive). Lead by Dave Reiss (

Thursday Nights

  • 6:00 at the church (Arnold 109). Lead by Eileen Gostylo (
  • 7:00 at the Thompson (204 Sequoia). Lead by Dennis Solis and Roger & Peggy Thompson ( (

Saturday Nights

  • 6:30pm at the Tandys (2650 Pebble Breeze). Lead by Michael & Skye Tandy ( (

Sunday Mornings

  • 9:45 at the church (Neal 105). Lead by Lindsey Woodhaven (

Contact group leaders for specific information regarding their small group.

Groups begin after Sunday, February 17th








 “The simplest and best tool I’ve even seen for connecting people to one another and engaging them with the Bible for the long haul is sermon based small groups. Sermon based small groups allow the entire congregation to digest the same passage together during the week. They put everyone on the same page – and make them look at the same passage more than once.”  – Larry Osbourne author of Sticky Church