Sermon Series

Sermon Series:
This Fall we will kick-off a special sermon series called Walking with Jesus.  Have you ever noticed that Jesus walked everywhere he went? As he walked he met some very interesting people; some followed , some rejected, and some were healed, and some were changed.
Walk with us the Fall, Winter, and Spring as we walk with Jesus.

Fall 2017:

  • September 10: Walking to the Jordan (Jesus’ baptism)
  • September 17: Walking into the Wilderness (Temptation of Jesus)
  • September 24: Walking in Africa (Hearing from our missionaries Charles and Melissa Johnson)
  • October 1: Walking out of the Wilderness (Jesus proclaims the Good News)
  • October 8: Walking toward Jesus (Jesus calls Simon and Andrew)
  • October 15: Walking your friends to Jesus (Jesus calls Philip and Nathaniel)
  • October 22: Walking with Scum (Jesus calls Matthew)
  • October 29: Walking Home for Lunch (Jesus calls Zacchaeus)
  • November 5: Understand Why You Walk (Counting the Cost)
  • November 12: Walking Away from Jesus (Rich Young Ruler)
  • November 19: Not Walking Away (Many stop following Jesus)
  • November 26: Walking back to Say Thanks (The 10 Lepers)


  • January 7: Walking Beside the Sea of Galilee (Jesus calls Simon, Andrew, James, &John)
  • January 14: Walking with Questions (John the Baptist’s disciples question Jesus)
  • January 21: Walking with the Women (Many women follow Jesus)
  • January 28: Walking with the Kiddos (Kids come to Jesus)
  • February 4: Walking with the Mourning (The Widow’s Son)
  • February 11: Follow the Leader (Youth Sunday)
  • February 18: Don’t walk, Just Speak (Faith of the Centurion)
  • February 25: Walking Home with Jesus (Jarius’ Daughter)
  • March 4: Stealth Walking (The Bleeding Woman)
  • March 11: Friends Walking for You (The Paralyzed Man & Friends)
  • March 18: Walking in the Harvest (Jesus sends out the 72)