Fellowship Groups

Fellowship Groups

Our Fellowship Groups are gatherings of adults for fun and fellowship.  They are commonly joined together by age, but ID’s are not checked.


For folks born before 1940 or so, VIPs meets every fourth Friday for a potluck dinner, conversation, occasional speakers, and games.


For those born before 1960 or so, the Boomers have a lot of fun together on each others homes, and around the town.
Here is what they have planned this year:

  • February 10th the Brinkmanns will host a Shrimp Boil
  • In March 2018 they will go to Tejas Rodeo in Bulverde
  • In April they will have Wine Tasting Tour
  • In May they will have a Pinwheel Party

CANO (Christian Adults Night Out):

For those born after 1960 or so, these adults gather every other month for food and fellowship in each other’ homes on the second Saturday of that month from 6:30-9pm. Child care is provided at the church.

  • February 10th: gathering at the Greens home
  • April 14th: gathering at the Gaedke home

June 9th, and August 11th are still dates available for people to host a gathering. If you are interested contact Cindy Mapes at cindymagoo67@gmail.com.


These young adults in their twenties and thirties meet together for family friendly activities.

  • February 10th: Valentine Making party in the Fellowship Hall. Bring your card making supplies and a list of those you love. This is a family friendly event, so bring your kids and have some fun!
  • May 12th: Dinner out at La Gloria. Child care will be provided at the church.

The Band of Brothers

 The Band of Brothers is a men’s social group that goes to dinner together whether at home or at restaurants to build community with each other. We also do missions work at a variety of locations to include the Church grounds, inside the Church and Presbyterian Children’s Home. The age range of our group is mid 30’s to early 70’s. We have approximately 25 men that are members at our church and 15-18 men in the group that regularly attend a social event or do missions work.


Our women’s ministry features this network of interest groups and social activities for women of all ages.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Enjoy dinner once a month with fellow members. Participants sign up at the beginning of the school year. Groups are assigned and a schedule of dinners and hosts developed. Groups meet once a month beginning in January. Participants have dinner with a different group each month at a different host home. The host provides the main dish while each participant is asked to bring a salad, side dish or dessert.